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Home Movie: 97405: Detroit

Published ca. 1938 - 1939

To come.

Audio/Visual B&W


Reviewer: JayKay49 - - December 9, 2014
Subject: "It's a movie camera...You can move around!"
In the early days of movie cameras some people (older ones especially) had to be convinced that standing still for the camera was not necessary, and, in fact you're supposed to move around. There are some shots of that here. And then, there are the hams, who got the message.

Very good quality considering the age of this film.
Reviewer: SoCalChevy - - December 4, 2014
Subject: Cartoon
Is that Felix the Cat?
And how did someone with a home video camera film that? Did they smuggle their camera into a movie theater just to film part of a cartoon?
Reviewer: Ray1936 - - January 24, 2014
Subject: 1937, Really
Several shots show 1937 Michigan license plates clearly. The service station building shown at Maryland and E. Warren still stands, although it is now a tire store. No gas pumps; sorry!
Reviewer: old delray detroit - - January 15, 2014
Subject: Home Movies 1938-1939
Nice to see Gas Stations back when they were service stations too. And good old Briggs Stadium. Still missed by many.
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